Hexagonal Tablecloth Pattern #787

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Hexagonal Tablecloth Pattern #787

Materials: Clark's O.N.T. (4 balls) or J & P. Coats (3 balls) Mercerized Crochet, Size 50, White. 1¾ yds. of 36 inch wide handkerchief linen for a cloth hexagonal in shape, approximately 44 inches in diameter (61 blocks) and 1¼ yds. for 6 napkins, in any desired shade. Milward's steel crochet hook No. 12.

Cut linen into hexagon-shaped blocks 5½ inches in diameter between points. Hem six sides, making a very narrow hem so that block measures 5¼ inches in diameter between points after it is hemmed.

Blocks. Join thread to one corner. 1st rnd: Ch 5, 1 d c in same place as join, * ch 1, leave about z inch of space on edge of linen and make 1 d c, repeat from * around having 2 d c in each corner with ch 2 between d cs (28 d c on each side of block, and 2 d c with ch-2 between at each corner), ending with ch 1, 1 sl st in 3rd st of ch-5 first made. 2nd rnd: 1 sl st under same sp, * ch 7, skip 1 sp, 1 s c in next sp, and repeat from * around, ending with ch 4, 1 d c in sl st. 3rd rnd: Ch 10, 1 half d c in ch-7 loop, * ch 3, 1 half d c in next loop, and repeat from * 13 more times, ch 9, 1 half d c in next loop and repeat around joining last ch 3 to first of ch-10. Finish off. Make all other blocks in the same way. Sew blocks together with over and over stitches by placing one in the center. Sew 6 around center one, 12 around 6, 18 around 12, 24 around 18. Thus completing a hexagon-shaped cloth. When joining blocks, be careful to have the grain of the linen in all the blocks run in the same direction.

Edge. After blocks are joined, make a row of ch-7 loops all around, making s cs in half d cs; at corners: Ch 7, 1 s c in 5th st of ch-9, ch 7, 1 s c in next half d c (2 loops). 2nd rnd: Work ch-3 loops all around, making half d cs in ch-7 loops. At corners make ch 9 instead of ch 7 and continue around. 3rd rnd: Ch 4 and make 1 d c in each half d c and 1 d c in center st of each ch-3 with 1 ch between d cs. At points, ch 1, 1 d c in 2nd st of ch-9 loop, ch 1, skip 1 st of ch-9, 1 d c in next, ch 3, skip 1 st, 1 d c in next, ch 1, skip 1 st, 1 d c in next, ch 1, 1 d c in next half d c. When the two ch-3 loops of last row in angle between blocks is reached, ch 1, 1 d c in 2nd st of 1st ch-3, 1 d c in 2nd st of next ch-3, ch 1, 1 d c in next half d c, and continue around. 4th rnd: 2 s c under each ch-1, making ch-5 p in every 8th sp, and 1 p in each corner sp. Omit p in angle between blocks. Repeat around and finish off.

Napkins. Cut linen into hexagon-shaped blocks, 14 inches in diameter between points. Work in the same way as small blocks with more d cs and finish with the same edging.

Stretch and press with a damp cloth.