Dresden Luncheon Set Pattern #710

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Dresden Luncheon Set Pattern #710

no. 710 — Materials: Clark's O.N.T. Knit-Crochet, 8 balls of Ecru and 1 ball of color 25 Crystal Blue. Milward's steel crochet hook No. 5.

If you prefer to make the set in one color it would be attractive in color 9 Yellow, 84 Beige, 66 Linen, 88 Peach or 123 Salmon Pink. A very striking effect can be ob­tained by using White edged with color 126 Spanish Red. Other interesting color combinations are:

61-A Dark Ecru with 70 Blue Jewel edging.
26 Nile Green with 106 Sport Green edging.
9 Yellow with 70 Blue Jewel edging.
66 Linen with 78 Turquoise edging.
84 Beige with 40 French Rose edging.

Center Mat: (12 inches by 24 inches.) Ch 117. Ch 3 to turn. (Turning ch-3's always count as 1 d c on next row.) 1st row: D c in 4th ch from hook, d c in next st, * ch 2, skip 2 sts of foundation ch, d c in each of next 3 sts, repeat from * to end of ch. Ch 5.

2nd row: S c under 1st ch-2 of previous row, * ch 5, s c under next ch-2. Repeat from * to end of row. Ch 5, turn.

3rd and 4th rows: S c in 3rd st of 1st ch-5 of previous row, * ch 5, s c in 3rd st of next ch-5, repeat from * across. Ch 5, turn. At end of 4th row, ch 3, turn. 5th row: 2 d c under ch-5 of previous row, * ch 2, 3 d c under next ch-5, and repeat from * across. Ch 5, turn. 6th row: Same as 2nd. 7th to 12th rows incl: Same as 3rd. This completes the pattern. Repeat pattern 8 more times, end­ing with the narrow strip of pattern to match other end.

Edging: Attach color 25 Crystal Blue and start across one end. 1st row: * S c over ch-2 between group of 3-d c's, ch 4, and repeat from * across. At corner make 2 s c's in same place, with ch 4 between. Continue down side and around, making s c's in loops of every 2nd row, with ch-4 between. 2nd row: Finish around whole piece with picot of ch 5, making 5 s c's between each picot.

Place Mats: (4) Ch 95. Follow directions for center mat, making 5 patterns and finishing with narrow strip of pattern to match other end. Make edging same as for center mat.

This pattern can be effectively adapted for chair or daven­port sets. In working out the size desired, make your foundation chain one-fifth longer than the finished article is to be, as this amount is taken up in your first row of work. The set could be made in the Knit-Crochet, the same as the luncheon set, or with J. & P. Coats Crochet Cord. For a finer effect use Clark's O.N.T. Mercerized Crochet, size 10 or 20 in Ecru, Linen or other colors. The antimacassar set, Mesh Chair Set, is made in a good size and correct proportion.

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