Butterfly Mesh Blouse Pattern #164

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Butterfly Mesh Blouse Pattern #164

Materials: Clark's O.N.T. Cronita or J. & P. Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen, 5 balls Ecru or White, and 2 balls of Color 55, Navy Blue. Milward's steel crochet hook No. 3 and No. 5.

Back: Waistband: With Navy and No. 5 hook, ch 131, turn. 1st row: 1 s c in 3rd st from hook, * ch 1, skip 1 st, s c in next, repeat from * across. Ch 1, turn. 2nd row: S c under ch-1, * ch 1, s c under next ch-1, repeat from * across. Ch 1, turn. Repeat 2nd row until work measures 3 inches. 1st row of Butterfly Mesh: Change to Ecru and No. 3 hook, ch 3, skip first ch-1, * under next ch-1 make: 1 d c, ch 3, sl st under same ch-1, ch 3, 1 d c under same ch-1, (this is 1 Butterfly Mesh) skip next ch-1 and repeat from * across, ending with d c of last Butterfly Mesh (32 Butterfly Mesh). Ch 3, turn. 2nd row of Butterfly Mesh: 1 d c in joining tip of 1st and 2nd Butterfly Mesh and complete Butterfly Mesh as beforehand continue making mesh to end of row. Ch 3, turn. Repeat the last row until there are 40 rows, which will be the beginning of the armhole. The length should now measure about 10½ inches from the top of waistband.

To Shape Armhole: Decrease at the beginning and end of the next 8 rows. 1st row: To decrease at the beginning of 1st row, after the ch-3 to turn, make 1 s c in center of first 2 mesh of preceding row, then ch 3, begin regular Butterfly Mesh between next 2 mesh. At the end, after the last Butterfly Mesh, s c in last d c of last mesh of preceding row, ch 3, turn. 2nd row: Work pattern between 1st and 2nd mesh ending now with s c in last d c of last mesh of previous row. 3rd to 8th rows incl: Same as 2nd (23 mesh left on 8th row) work straight for 4¼ inches (15 rows). Decrease 1 Butterfly Mesh at armhole side for 6 rows. Fasten off.

Front: With Navy and No. 5 hook, ch 139 and make the same as back including the decreasing for armhole, but having 34 Butterfly Mesh over waist band.

To Shape Neckline: On the next row turn at the neck after the 7th mesh has been made about 3½ inches from the armhole. Complete one side making the neck edge straight and decreasing for the shoulder as in the back (5 rows). Fasten off. Finish other side the same way.

Sleeves: With Navy, make a chain 10 inches long. Then work 8 rows as at the waist, then change to Ecru and work 12 straight rows of the Butterfly Mesh (22 Butterfly Mesh). Continue for 16 rows, decreasing ½ pattern at the beginning and end of each row. The last row will be about 2 inches long (6 Butterfly Mesh). Joining: Whip together with Ecru. Finish the neckline with 4 rows of s c worked closely using Navy. Make buttonhole loops at the sides of the front waistband with Navy, as follows: Fasten the thread in the first st at corner, ch 9, skip about ⅜ inch and work 6 s c, ch 9, skip ⅜ inch, 6 s c and so on, making 4 loops. Then sew the buttons on directly opposite the loops.

Scarf: Begin with Ecru. Ch 80, turn. 1st row: Sl st in 6th st from hook, ch 3, d c in same st, * skip 6 ch, make 1 d c in next st, ch 3, sl st in same st in which d c was made, ch 3, 1 d c in same st. Repeat from * to end of row. Ch 3, turn. 2nd to 6th rows incl: * 1 d c in center of 2 mesh of preceding row, ch 3, sl st in same st in which d c was made, ch 3, 1 d c in same st, and repeat from * to end of row. Change to Navy at end of 6th row and ch 1 to turn. 7th to 11th rows incl: With Navy make s c into every loop of mesh, with ch 1 between each s c keeping work flat. 12th to 17th rows incl: Continue in Butterfly Mesh with Ecru, making a Butterfly Mesh in every 2nd ch-1. 18th to 22nd rows incl: Change to Navy and work as from 7th to 11th rows in. 23rd to 65th rows incl: Change to Ecru and continue in Butterfly Mesh (about 17 inches). Then make a slit by working in Butterfly Mesh to center of scarf only instead of to end of row, for 6 rows. Break thread. Join to center of row at base of slit and work for 6 rows. Then continue across entire row (closing up the slit) for 5 rows. Make 5 rows of s c and ch-1 with Navy, 6 rows of Butterfly Mesh in Ecru, 5 more rows of s c and ch 1 with Navy and finish with 6 rows of Butterfly Mesh in Ecru. On last row make a ch-3 p between each Butterfly Mesh.

   At the beginning of scarf, join thread to last Butterfly Mesh, ch 3, * a ch-3 p, 1 s c under ch loop, ch 3, 1 s c at bottom of Butterfly Mesh, ch 3, 1 s c under next ch loop, and repeat from * to end of row.

Butterfly Mesh Blouse Pattern #164 swatch