Skipper Overblouse Pattern #172

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Skipper Overblouse Pattern #172

Size 34-36

Overblouse may be made with or without sleeves as illustrated.

Materials: J. & P. Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen, 12 balls of color 68 Skipper Blue and 1 ball of Ecru; or Clark's O.N.T. Cronita, 15 balls of Blue and 1 ball of Ecru. Milward's steel crochet hook No. 4.

Gauge: 5 patterns equal 1 inch; 8 rows equal 1 inch.

Back: Ch 140 turn. 1st row: Insert hook in 3rd ch from hook, draw loop out on hook, thread over, insert hook in same st and draw loop out (4 loops on hook), thread over, draw thread through all 4 loops, ch 1 to fasten st. (This is 1 pattern). * Skip 1 st, insert hook in next ch and draw loop out and complete pattern as before. Repeat from * along ch (68 patterns), ch 1, turn. (Always ch 1 to turn at end of rows). 2nd row: Make pattern in next loose ch of previous row, * skip small ch, pattern in next loose ch, repeat from * across (68 patterns). 3rd to 6th rows incl: Same as 2nd row.

7th row: Skip 1 pattern (a decrease), pattern across and s c in last pattern (a decrease) (66 patterns). 8th to 42nd rows incl: Decrease 1 pattern at beginning and end of every 7th row. (5 times, leaving 56 patterns on 42nd row). 43rd to 58th rows incl: Work evenly. 59th row: Increase 1 pattern between 2nd and 3rd patterns at beginning and 3rd and 2nd at end of row (58 patterns). 60th to 94th rows incl: Increase as before in each 7th row, 5 times (68 patterns left). 95th to 98th rows incl: Work evenly, bringing work to armhole. (Work should measure 14½ inches).

   Start to shape armhole as follows: Decrease as before at beginning of every row for 14 rows (54 patterns). 15th to 18th rows incl: Work evenly. 19th and 20th rows: Ch 11, turn, work 5 patterns on ch, work across, ch 11, turn. Repeat last 2 rows until 5 patterns have been added at each end 3 times then ch 7, turn, work 3 patterns at each end (90 patterns). Shape shoulders as follows: 1st to 21st rows incl: Decrease 1 pattern at both ends every other row. 22nd to 42nd rows incl: Decrease 1 pattern at both ends every row. 43rd to 50th rows incl: Work evenly. Fasten off.

Left Front: Ch 84, turn. 1st row: Work patterns as for back. (41 patterns). 2nd to 42nd rows incl: Decrease 1 pattern in 2nd and every 6th row (on same edge) for side seam, 6 times, keeping front edge even. (35 patterns in 42nd row). 43rd row: Ch 9 on even edge, work 4 patterns on ch to allow for lap and work across. 44th to 61st rows incl: Work evenly. 62nd to 74th rows incl: Increase 1 pattern in 62nd and every 6th row. 75th row: Work evenly. 76th row: Sl st over 12 patterns at side seam (for darts). Work across. 77th row: Work across, making pattern over the 12 sl sts.

78th row: Sl st over 8 patterns, work across. 79th row: Work across and over sl sts. 80th to 85th rows incl: Work evenly. 86th row: Increase 1 pattern at beginning of row. 87th to 89th rows incl: Work evenly. 90th to 93rd rows incl: Repeat from 75th to 78th rows incl. 94th row: Work evenly. 95th row: Increase 1 pattern at beginning. 96th to 99th rows incl: Work evenly. (46 patterns). This brings work to armhole.

   Shape armhole as follows. 1st row: At side seam, sl st over 4 patterns (to decrease), work across to within 4 patterns (end of lap). Hereafter keep front edge even. 2nd to 20th rows incl: Work in same manner as for back. Repeat last 2 rows until all increases are worked. To shape shoulder work as follows: 1st to 21st rows incl: Decrease as for back. 22nd and subsequent rows: Decrease 2 patterns every row for 6 times. Continue to decrease same side every row and on front, decrease every other row until point is worked.

Right Front: Same as left front, omitting the lap.

Sleeve: Beginning at wrist, ch 62, turn. 1st row: Work 30 patterns on ch. 2nd to 14th rows incl: Work evenly. 15th row: Increase 1 pattern at end of row. (32 patterns). 16th to 21st rows incl: Work evenly. 22nd row: Increase as 15th row (34 patterns). Increase as above in 29th, 37th, 45th, 53rd, 61st, 69th, 76th, 82nd rows. Then only at beginning of 89th, 96th, 102nd, 109th and 118th rows. 119th to 122nd rows incl: Work evenly (55 patterns). Then start to shape top of sleeve, making sure to begin on side having the least number of increasing patterns. 1st row: Sl st over 3 patterns, work across. 2nd row: Work evenly. 3rd row: Skip 1 pattern, work across. 4th to 9th rows incl: Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows. 10th row: Work 28 patterns. 11th row: Sl st over 3 patterns, work across. 12th row: Work evenly. 13th row: S c in 2nd st (a decrease), ch 1, work across. (24 patterns).

14th row: Work across, s c in last pattern. (23 patterns). 15th row: 1 s c in 2nd pattern, ch 1, work across 21 patterns. 16th row: S c in 2nd pattern, work across 19 patterns. S c in last pattern. 17th row: S c in 2nd pattern, 16 patterns across 1 s c in last pattern. 18th row: Ch 1, s c in 2nd pattern, 14 patterns across, 1 s c in last pattern. Repeat last 2 rows, decreasing 1 pattern at each end until 3 patterns remain. Fasten off.

   Attach thread to middle top next to finished work and make s c in 2nd st. 1st row: Work 20 patterns across. 2nd row: Work 19 patterns across. 3rd row: Sl st over 3 patterns, ch 1, 16 patterns across. 4th row: 13 patterns across. 5th row: Skip 1 pattern, work 11 patterns, end with s c in turning ch and fasten off. Make other sleeve the same.

Bow at waist: (Make 2) Ch 41, turn. 1st row: S c in 3rd ch from hook, * ch 1, skip 1 st of foundation ch, s c in next st, repeat from * to end of ch. Ch 1, turn. 2nd and subsequent rows: S c in front loop of next ch-1, * ch 1, skip 1 st, s c in front loop of next ch 1, repeat from * across, ending with s c in turning ch, taking up 2 loops of st, ch 1, turn. Work evenly in pattern for 15 inches, ch 2, turn. To decrease for points, skip 3 sts, s c in next, work across, ch 2, turn. Work back and forth, decreasing at beginning of each row until 1 s c remains. Fasten off.

Bow at neck: (Make 2) Ch 31 and work as for bow at waist for 11½ inches, then decrease for point as before.

   Sew shoulder and side seams. Sew sleeve seams, easing in fullness at elbow on back of each sleeve. Sew in sleeves. Sew bows to blouse as in illustration.

Skipper Overblouse Pattern #172
Skipper Overblouse Pattern #172 swatch