Foreign Influence Bedspread Pattern

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Foreign Influence Bedspread Pattern

Materials: As shown, this was made of green and white Star Crochet Cord, but any color and white may be used, depending on the color scheme of the room. This spread is also given to the use of other threads, such as Gem or De Luxe Crochet and Knitting Cotton. All of these threads take a No. 6 crochet hook.

To join the colors, work off the last 2 loops of the last tr of the 1st color by using the 2nd colored thread, and letting the dropped strand of the 1st color run inside the tr until it is to be used again, then repeat for other color. This works up very quickly.

With a steel crochet hook, size 6, and the green or color, ch 102. 1st row: 98 tr, or 33 bl. (In this work, 3 tr make a bl.) 2nd row: 1 green bl, 2 white bl, 1 green bl, 12 white bl, 1 green bl, 12 white bl, 1 green bl, 2 white bl, 1 green bl. This completes two rows shown on the working diagram. Continue to follow this diagram, by allowing one black mesh to stand for one green bl, and the white meshes to stand for the white bl. When as many blocks as are needed are completed, sew together, and around the two sides and lower edge crochet a heading as follows: Fasten the colored thread in one corner, ch 8, sk 4 tr, 1 tr in next tr, * ch 4, sk 4 tr, 1 tr in next tr. Repeat from * around, ch 4, 1 tr in same st as last tr in the corner st.

Fringe: Cut white and colored cotton in 14-inch lengths. Fold a group of 5 colored strands in the center, and loop in one mesh. Repeat, using white strands in the next mesh. Alternate the colors around. Next row: Take half the colored group, and half the white group, and loop in a knot, pulling the ends through and pulling tightly about inch from the 1st knot. Repeat around. When finished, trim evenly.

Foreign Influence Bedspread Pattern chart