Stole Edging No. 1 Pattern

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Stole Edging No. 1 Pattern

If you don't want to knit a Stole …

Cut fabric to size (approximately 72" x 20"). Make a small hem on heavy fabric (Tweed, Wool-Flannel). Double light weight materials (Jersey, Silk), edge with either Pompons or Fringes, as suggested in photographs.

No. 1
Shrink-Resistant CANDOUR
1, 3 oz. sk.
Crochet Hook No. 00

Work row of sc in fabric.
The following Pat St can be worked on either 2, 3 or 4 sides of stole.

PATTERN: Multiple of 5.
Draw up loop ½ in. long. YO hook and draw through loop, work 1 sc through single strand of loop just made (Single Knot St).

Row 1: * Work 2 Single Knot Sts (re­ferred to as Double Knot St), then sc in 5th sc of row below *; repeat from * across. Turn. Row 2: Work 3 Single Knot Sts, then sc in first Knot (center of the Double Knot St); * work 2 Single Knot Sts, sc in center of next Double Knot St *; repeat from * across. Repeat Row 2 until desired width.

TASSELS: See patternbook page.