New Rugs For Every Room | Book 63 | American Thread Company

New Rugs For Every Room

New Rugs For Every Room
Star Book No. 63
American Thread Company
Original Copyright 1949

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Patterns Included: 

Floral Tuft Rug, Diamond Tile Rug, Scotty Rug, Classic Rug, Cabin Rug, Circular Braided Rug, Crocheted Chain Braided Rug, Crocheted Lamb Rug, White Swan Rug, Water Lily Rug, Bow Knot Rug, Frontier Rug, Monarch Rug, Fireside Rug, Wire Haired Terrier Rug.

It's so easy to make a Tufted Rug!

Size of each rug foundation is 24 x 36 inches. Open a skein to full length and cut through one end using the rug or craft yarn of your choice. Cut into 1½ inch lengths. Each 1½ inch length will make a tuft. After the yarn is cut in tuft size, insert a needle threaded with carpet thread in one of the dots near the center of the rug foundation, fastening firmly. Place a tuft over the thread and sew center of the tuft to the foundation securely, using two or three stitches.

Crochet Patterns: 
crocheted chain braided rug pattern
crocheted lamb rug pattern