Woven Scotch Plaid Afghan Pattern #5212

Size 58" x 72" without Fringe

Old Granny Afghan Pattern #5210

Size 53" x 79"

Modern Leaf Afghan Pattern #5209

Size 46" x 60"

Autumn Glow Afghan Pattern #5208

Size 52" x 75"

Puff Stitch Afghan Pattern #5204

Size 60" x 77"

Victoriana Rose Wreath Afghan Pattern #5202

Size 54" x 68"

Fleur de Lis Afghan Pattern #5201

Size 57" x 70" without Fringe

Afghan Crocheted and Knitted | Star Book No. 17 | American Thread Company

Star Afghan Book
Book 17
American Thread Company
Original Copyright 1941

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Patterns Included: 

Cape Code Afghan, Carriage Cover Afghan, Charleston Garden Afghan, Harlequin Afghan, Highlander Afghan, Mexicana Afghan, Old Versailles Afghan, Pin Wheel Afghan, Sea Shell Afghan, Two Tone Afghan, Wigwam Afghan, Baby Afghan, Symphony in Red Afghan.

A crochet afghan of beauty is a joy forever and in these afghans, the designer has captured the exquisite beauty of 'le Petit Trianon' in 'Old Versailles', the sturdy beauty of our Pilgrim Fa

Wigwam Afghan Pattern #1713

Hiawatha would have been proud to wrap himself in this warm afghan with its geometric design, so loved by the American Indians.

52 x 72

Old Versailles Afghan Pattern #1712

All the dignity and delicate beauty of Eighteenth Century France is shown in this lovely Grey and Rose afghan.

53 x 64

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