Berkeley Square Bedspread Pattern #6015

Berkeley Square Bedspread Pattern

The classic square motif with its placid dignity has a stately air that is at home in both modern and traditional settings.


Snow in Summer Bedspread Pattern #6011

Snow in Summer Bedspread Pattern

As sweetly sentimental as a waltz is this lacy, dream-like spread.


Lovelace Bedspread Pattern #6019

Lovelace Bedspread Pattern

Like an adorable paper-lace Valentine with its graceful center motif … its stunning border … a spread to shed true elegance.


Jenny Lind Bedspread Pattern #681

Jenny Lind Bedspread Pattern

There’s a frosty freshness to the petal-like motif that radiates to join other motifs and spikes the spread with blossoms.


Pine Cone Bedspread Pattern #6025

Pine Cone Bedspread Pattern

Fairly singing out its sparkling, fresh beauty, this romantic looking spread lends any bedroom a crisp, pristine atmosphere.


Heirloom Bedspread Pattern #6016

Heirloom Bedspread Pattern

Frost-like etchings traced in delicate filet ... a spread that has an ageless beauty which its all-over pattern emphasizes.


Rose of Killarney Bedspread Pattern #6014

Rose of Killarney Bedspread Pattern

If you're an artist with a crochet hook, create this confection of Irish crochet … flower fragility set in smart squares.

Radiant Star Bedspread Pattern #675

Radiant Star Bedspread Pattern

An easy-to-do motif combines in an allover star pattern to make a versatile and charming bedspread.


Waltz Time Bedspread Pattern #6017

Waltz Time Bedspread Pattern

Charmingly interlaced in a trellis-like effect … openwork crochet spreads its serene simplicity and is endowed with enduring beauty.


Charmer Bedspread Pattern #6018

Charmer Bedspread Pattern

A filet spread with a shadowy, damask-like look, made up of simple stitches. A geometric flow of design that's distinctive.


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